ICL Family

Our business family consists of a circle of successful companies in various business areas that give a special impetus to the development of the concept of business design within ICL Montenegro. Whether it is about creating a quality brand story, providing property valuation services, support through micro-logistics or advising on alternative investments, thanks to the ICL Family we are able to provide clients with quality advice and service in these areas as well.

ICL strategic partners

We are the ones who don't think they know everything on planet earth. That is why we have developed a special cooperation program by developing strategic business partnerships with people we trust in companies we trust.

ICL Montenegro's strategic business partners are trusted partners who collaborate with us to help us achieve common goals, share resources and expertise, and develop joint success stories for our clients.

These partnerships involve building strong, long-term relationships based on shared values and goals, which are critical to achieving sustainable competitive advantage and meeting the evolving needs of our clients.

ICL Expert Hub

Experience in private and publis sectorbefore joining strenghts within ICL Montenegro allowed us to meet incredible individuals with exceptional references in various areas of importance for the areas in which we also operate. That's why we decided to form the ICL Expert Hub, which consists of over 20 experienced professionals with significant expertise in various fields, including: finance, IT, agriculture, energy, tourism, environmental protection and other key areas of importance for business development in Montenegro.

Our goal is clear – to use all our knowledge and contacts in order to provide our clients with all the services they need to plan, start and successfully enjoy their business, all in one place.

The Hub gives our clients access to a diverse range of expertise, making it easier for them to achieve their business goals efficiently and effectively.

ICL Networking

Our goal is to facilitate collaboration and interaction among our clients and partners.

ICL Montenegro provides a platform to connect, share ideas and projects and explore opportunities for cooperation.

As part of our networking story, ICL Montenegro organizes ICL BUSINESS NIGHT – an internal periodic networking event for clients and strategic partners. The goal is to give our clients the opportunity to expand their networks of contacts and build useful relationships with the business community, the banking sector and other financial and investment organizations.