Business design

ICL Montenegro is the first consulting company in Montenegro that offers its services according to the principle of a full business service provider. So, everything in one place, from idea to success.

It is a process that combines creative thinking with analytical tools for designing and developing innovative business models, strategies and offering sustainable solutions, all in one place.

Business design is a concept that implies a full understanding of client needs, recognition of market trends and the development of strategies that meet business goals and os based on previously carefully defined target markets and target groups.

This process requires a deep understanding of the business environment, as well as expertise in the areas of analytics, strategic planning, investment environment, finance, marketing and market-oriented operations. In particular, by understanding our client, our task is also to understand and recognize ecery challenge on the path of our client’s business story.

At ICL Montenegro, together with our strategic partners, we use Business Design to understand our clients, help them create new business opportunities, optimize their operations and ensure sustainable growth of their business, all in one place.