New investment opportunities in the municipality of Bar

For the needs of investors, we continuously monitor and analyze spatial planning documentation and investment potentials.

The city of #Bar represents the center of development of tourism and residential construction, so it is not surprising that the focus of ICL Montenegro is precisely on the valorization of the most significant potentials of this city as well.

We would like to inform you that the Detailed Urban Plan #Topolica III has entered into force, for an area in the city center that includes 27.53 ha (275,350.96 m2). It is about the most attractive location in the city center.

We are convinced that the implementation of projects, in accordance with this DUP, will contribute to the further urban development of the city, with a special focus on #tourism and the construction of modern residential and business centers.

Several different plots with BGP are available to investors:

– 550 – 1,400m2, floors P+2+Pk;

– 1,400 – 2,300m2, floor space P+4;

– 2,300 – 17,000m2, floors P+8+Pk

We were pleased to collaborate with our partners in #Bar, the architectural studio Basketing Architecture & Engineering, whom we thank for their support for all analytical inputs important for the preparation of a quality presentation to interested investors.

Together, precisely in the locations determined by the Topolica III DUP, we provide investors with a #fullservice package of analytics, investment and financial planning, design and project management services.